Miss World 2013 (6th Update): Officially OPEN!!!

I am gushing with pure joy!!! Miss World 2013 is officially OPEN with the arrival of the very first set of delegates. That honor belongs to: 1st to arrive – Malta (Donna Borg Leyland), 2nd to arrive – Jamaica (Gina Hargitay) and 3rd to arrive – Guatemala (Loraine Quinto).

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Photo Credits: Miss World website


From L-R: Malta, Guatemala & Jamaica


These three are what we can call as the early birds. Majority of the candidates will be arriving tomorrow (September 3) in Bali, Indonesia. While the delegates are in this beautiful island, they will be staying at the magnificent Nirwana Bali Resort. Here are some photos:


Isn’t it the perfect home for the world’s most beautiful?

I am overjoyed…

I hope you are as excited as I am…


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One Response to Miss World 2013 (6th Update): Officially OPEN!!!

  1. elvie says:

    Hoping Miss World Philippines Megan Young will get the crown….All the best.

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