Miss World 2013 (5th Update): Contestant Introduction – Part 4

You guys should be very excited because Miss World 2013 will officially start in a week 🙂 We have more than 100+ reasons to fall in love with the 100+ expected delegates. I have featured some of them HERE and I will feature another 5 special candidates below.

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Trinidad and Tobago – Sherrece Villafana

Sherrece is beautiful. In fact, she reminds me of some incredible Miss Worlds. However, I find her too rehearsed in her video! She sounded forced to me and seemed like she was just acting!

China PR – Wei Wei Yu

Wow! I think that Wei is much more beautiful (facially) with the reigning Miss World (also from China) Wenxia Yu. She looks expensive and has a global appeal. What she lacks is Wenxia’s sophistication and gracefulness. Her beauty was matched by a documentary-like contestant video! The best video of all the videos I featured. Good job!

 Venezuela – Karen Soto

I don’t speak Spanish so I didn’t understand the things that she just said. However, I must compliment the team for a very clever video introduction. Letting Karen speak in front of the camera with little to no make-up and in plain clothes projects her as a queen who rather highlight her advocacies than her beautiful face! Believe, Venezuela is a powerhouse so we are surely in for a fabulous ride once Karen arrives in Indonesia.

Cote D’Ivoire – Aissata Dia

Another strong delegate from Africa! I adore her face. She has one of the best faces in the competition… It seems that she also has a fun personality. Now, I am excited to see her in Indonesia.

Sweden – Agneta Myhrman Lillieskold

I was seriously bothered by the cats-eye eye make-up. She is beautiful, no doubt, but I thought that she was reading a prepared script and she didn’t sound as serious as she needed for the contestant video.

For this batch, i’ll go for Trinidad & Tobago and Cote D’Ivoire…


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