Miss World 2013 (7th Update): Contestant Introduction – Part 5

Miss World 2013 has finally started with the arrival of the first set of delegates. Check THIS for the details. As we await for the other candidates, let us continue our task in getting to know them 🙂 I featured four groups already and you can click THIS for the links. Now, I am featuring another 5 stunning hopefuls. Check their videos below:

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Video Credits; Official YouTube page of Miss World

Philippines – Megan Young

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Megan’s video just eclipsed Wei’s (China) video that i’ve been raving about yesterday! This is by far the best video i’ve seen. The video was not just a mere enumeration of facts about Megan but rather it was a movie about her life! The director used Megan’s acting experience by letting her do some simple nuances that made the video very personal and appealing. The background music was hauntingly beautiful. Undoubtedly, Megan is one of the top delegates this year. Two things that turned me off a bit here: (1) The product placement was just too “in-our-face” and (2) I am not liking the hairstyle – too much forehead for me! Still, Megan is a pre-arrival favorite!

Puerto Rico – Nadyalee Torres

I really thought that the opening of Nadyalee’s video was great. The intense musical scoring matched the exquisite locations being flashed. Then everything went “blah” starting when they featured the crowning shots. Scenes from her Beauty with a Purpose didn’t make the much needed impact because of the scoring. I really like Nadyalee’s smile but I got bothered with the effect of the lighting on her blush-on. A bit weird I must say!

India – Navneet Dhillon

If not for the Miss World logo, this video will pass as a contestant introduction video for another pageant 😀 I just observed that Navneet failed to mention Miss World on her script. Anyhooo, Navneet is beautiful! I love staring at her face that I kept on hitting the pause button. With India as a powerhouse in this pagean, I expect Navneet to be one of the frontrunners.

Thailand – Kanyaphak Phokesomboon

I must say I got bored with the video. She was a bit monotonous and it didn’t help that the shoot was just in one location. I am also not a fan of her beauty. With an Asian delegation filled with frontrunners – India & Philippines – Natalie needs to double her efforts.

South Africa – Marilyn Ramos

I love love love this lady! I think that her beauty fits the Miss World preference compare to the one preferred by Miss Universe. I love the carefree spirit I see with Marilyn! Though it would have been better if she narrated the video herself, I still enjoyed the music video vibe of this clip.

Just basing it on the videos above, my vote goes to Philippines & South Africa!

Exciting times friends!!!


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