Miss Supranational 2013 (10th Update): Random Pics – Part 2

I am back to give you the second part of our feature of random photos taken by the candidates of Miss Supranational 2013. Like what I mentioned HERE, I prefer these photos over the usually photoshopped published pictures. Here, true beauty is exposed 🙂 These photos were taken during the several sightseeing tours of the candidates all over Belarus!

A million thanks to the beautiful people of Missosology for these photos!

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Thailand (Thanyaporn Srisen)

Thailand, Zimbabwe (Lungile Mathe) & USA (Kristy Abreu)

Venezuela (Annie Fuenmayor) & Guadeloupe (Elodie Odadan)

Thailand & Australia (Esma Voloder)

Turkey (Leyla Kose)

Suriname (Jaleeza Weinbolt), Netherlands (Leila Aigbedion)
& Curacao (Xiohenne Renita)

Russia (Yana Dubnik) & Belarus (Veronika Chachina)


Sri Lanka (Gayesha Perera) & India (Vijaya Sharma)

Serbia (Tanja Cupic)

Spain (Eva Rogel)

Slovak Republic (Luciana Cvirkova)

Rwanda (Aurore Mutesi)

Philippines (Mutya Datul) & Puerto Rico (Desiree Del Rio)


Russia & Moldova (Valeria Donu)

Poland (Angelika Ogryzek)

Romania (Natalia Rus)

Poland & Romania

Philippines & South Africa (Natasha Pretorius)

Puerto Rico

Myanmar (Khin Wint Wah)


Latvia (Diana Kubasova) & Puerto Rico

Panama (Yinnela Yero)

Italy (Laura Piras)

Mexico (Jacqueline Morales)

New Zealand (Chane Berghorst) & Spain

Iraq (Klaudia Khalaf) & Norway (Marie Molo Peter)

Jamaica (Maurita Robinson)


Indonesia (Cok Krisnanda)

Guatemala (Ana Rodas) & Turkey

Canada (Suzette Hernandez), Norway & Philippines


Philippines, Myanmar, Estonia (Xenia Likhacheva)
& Azerbaijan (Samira Akmanova)

Gabon (Hillary Ondo) & Thailand

Denmark (Alexandria Eissinger), Puerto Rico
& Czech Republic (Lucie Klukava)

Germany (Jackeline Dobritzch)

Costa Rica (Elena Correa)

Ecuador (Giuliana Villavicencio) & El Salvador (Metzi Solano)

Canada & Philippines

Canada & Norway

China (Liu Qiang) & Hong Kong (Sisi Wang)

Colombia (Isabel Asprilla)

Belgium (Karen Op’t Eynde)

Venezuela, Mexico & Guadeloupe

Brazil (Raquel Benetti) & Colombia

Bolivia (Teresa Talamas)


Belgium & New Zealand



Group Shots

I hope that you enjoyed these photos!


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One Response to Miss Supranational 2013 (10th Update): Random Pics – Part 2

  1. Sally says:

    Hi can you please delete my last name on that photo?

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