Throwback Thursday (09.05.13): India’s Greatest Feat

Our Throwback Thursday feature for today focuses on the beautiful nation of India and its greatest achievement in the international beauty pageant states. Despite its failure to capture a Miss International crown in order to establish its dominance in the Big 4 pageants, it still holds the record of being the ONLY country in the world that won BOTH Miss World and Miss Universe crowns on the same year TWICE. To emphasize how amazing this feat is, imagine that India made this record in just 6 years after the first “double-win”.

India won its first “double-win” in 1994 after Aishwarya Rai captured the heart of the Miss World 1994 judges. She won 6 months after Sushmita Sen made headlines in Miss Universe 1994. Then just after the turn of the century, India did it again after Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World 2000 title. This happened 6 months after Lara Dutta was crowned as Miss Universe 2000. Such a great feat I must say!

Team India 1994


Photo Credits: Times Content

 Team India 2000


Photo Credits: South Dreamz

The only country with a “double-win” in their beauty pageant history is France and Australia!


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