Kattera’s Fave List – Miss Supranational 2013

As always, it is a bitter-sweet feelings for me everytime I write this post – Bitter because another beauty pageant is about to end and will only be seeing the pageant again next year and sweet because a new queen will be added to the elite list of beauty queens in the world. Now, I am very happy to present to you my favorite candidates for Miss Supranational 2013! I wish all the candidates the best of luck as we start the countdown to the big finale of the pageant later today!

Credits to the owners of the photos used in the collage!


History tells me that ladies from this group can easily snatch a spot as a semifinalist. If I were you, I will not take them out of the game as of yet:


Venezuela (Annie Fuenmayor)

New Zealand (Chane Berghorst)

Spain (Eva Rogel)

Costa Rica (Elena Correa)

India (Vijaya Sharma)

Top 20

These candidates are my favorite to enter the Top 20 of the pageant.


20th Place: Colombia (Isabel Asprilla)

19th Place: Denmark (Alexandria Eissinger)

18th Place: Ukraine (Kateryna Sandulova)

17th Place: Mexico (Jacqueline Morales)

16th Place: Czech Republic (Lucie Klukava)


15th Place: Suriname (Jaleeza Weinbolt)

14th Place: Romania (Natalia Rus)

13th Place: Canada (Suzette Hernandez)

12th Place: Moldova (Valeria Donu)

11th Place: Azerbaijan (Samira Akmanova)

Top 10

Here are my favorite candidates for the elite ten ladies of Miss Supranational 2013


10th Place: Thailand (Thanyaporn Srisen)

9th Place: Panama (Yinnela Yero)

8th Place: Australia (Esma Voloder)

7th Place: Belarus (Veronika Chachina)

6th Place: Russia (Yana Dubnik)

Top 5

4th Runner-up: Brazil (Raquel Benetti)


3rd Runner-up: Puerto Rico (Desiree Del Rio)

Puerto Rico

2nd Runner-up: Poland (Angelika Ogryzek)


1st Runner-up: Latvia (Diana Kubasova)


Miss Supranational 2013: Philippines (Mutya Datul)


There you go… Good luck ladies!

How about your?!? Feel free to share your favorites below!


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