Miss Supranational 2013 (11th Update): Photos & Videos of the Coronation

I am guilty of not watching the finale of Miss Supranational 2013. Please don’t accuse me of being so irresponsible with my job! Hahaha! I was at work yesterday and I was just dead tired to survive the early morning (Philippine Time) pageant finale 😦 And yes, I was a bit nervous for Mutya Datul so I had to pass the opportunity to cheer for her real-time. Anyhoo, I am happy to share with you videos and photos from the big finale earlier today!

I would like to thank Missosology (www.missosology.info) for the photos and to Pageant Guru of YouTube for the videos:

Finale Videos

National Costume Opening (Asia & Oceania)

The camera loved Mutya 🙂 She had the most airtime in this batch!

Announcement of Top 20

I wasn’t able to recognize Poland and Russia because of those horrible make-up. And, Philippine’s dress seemed to be handed down directly from the 90’s. I don’t get it!

Swimsuit (Snow Girls)

Evening Gown

Really not impressed with the gowns… What happened?!?

Swimsuit (Glow in the Dark)

Oopsies to Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand

Announcement of Winner

I am crying… again… and again…

FInale Photos

Photo Credits: tut.by

Photo Credits: tut.by

Mabuhay ka Mutya!

Mabuhay ka Pilipinas!


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One Response to Miss Supranational 2013 (11th Update): Photos & Videos of the Coronation

  1. erwin umil says:

    very well welcomed and appreciated……..CONGRATULATIONS…well deserved

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