Mutya Datul of The Philippines is Miss Supranational 2013!

Here is the official list of winners of Miss Supranational 2013! I bring you this with so much joy 🙂

Miss Supranational 2013: Philippines (Mutya Datul)

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1st Runner-up: Mexico (Jacqueline Morales)

2nd Runner-up: Turkey (Leyla Kose)

3rd Runner-up: Indonesia (Cok Krisnanda)

4th Runner-up: US Virgin Islands (Esonica Veira)

Click THIS for my Miss Supranational 2013 list of favorites…

Top 20

Venezuela (Annie Fuenmayor)

Puerto RIco (Desiree Del Rio)

Australia (Esma Voloder)

Poland (Angelika Ogryzek)

Gabon (Hillary Ondo)

Canada (Suzette Hernandez)

Thailand (Thanyaporn Srisen)

Luxembourg (Heloise Paulmier)

India (Vijaya Sharma)

Myanmar (Khin Wint Wah)

Belarus (Veronika Chachina)

Russia (Yana Dubnik)

Latvia (Diana Kubasova)

Brazil (Raquel Benetti)

Ukraine (Kateryna Sandulova)

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you are probably aware that I adore Mutya the minute I saw her in Bb. Pilipinas 2013. As my ultimate bet for this year, I was rooting for her to win the Miss Universe Philippines title. However, she ended up winning the Bb. Pilipinas Supranational title. I got disappointed but as a fan, you are happy with every achievement of your queen and little did I know that it was her true destiny because just 4 months after her win, another bigger crown and title will be awarded to Mutya! I can’t be happier!

So how was the performance of my favorites? 12 out of 20 (60%) of my favorites made it to the Top 20. A bit smaller comparing it to my hit rate during the Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant. However, I still have some reasons to be happy: my favorites ranked as 1st to 8th all made it to the Top 20 which means that it was a solid group and despite the fact that only one of my Top 5 favorites made it, i am just happy that I put my money on Mutya! Never doubted 😀

I know that my coverage of Miss Supranational 2013 was a bit underwhelming but I still would like to thank you my dear readers for regularly visiting my blog. I’ve been receiving good traffic to the site from all over the world and this support humbles me so much! This inspires me to just continue what I am doing and will aim for the better! I love y’all 🙂

I will post coronation photos and videos next!!!


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