Miss World 2013 Poll

The Miss World 2013 pageant is heating up in Bali. I am about to start my coverage of the pageant and what is the best way to start by opening our poll! As a tradition of this blog, this poll will identify the favorite candidate of our readers. If you are supporting someone or is just a fan of the pageant, go now and cast your vote!

Please be reminded that:

* This poll is intended for this blog only and is NOT related to any poll administered by Miss World.

* Voting is for FREE and is UNLIMITED!

* This poll will be closed on September 26, 2013 at exactly 11PM Philippine Time

Express your support and VOTE for your favorite Miss World 2013 candidate!

Click THIS to see the photos of the official candidates!



32 thoughts on “Miss World 2013 Poll”

  1. Marilyn Ramos a role model, woman of God and a stunning woman with such a big heart , everyone looks up to you Marilyn not just because you are our friend or Miss Sa because you will walk that extra mile for people in need , driend and family we love u and supports you all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. May God himself give u d strengh with all d blessings @miss_world..Ur country, RSA supports u all the way*

  3. Marilyn Ramoss SA is behind u Girl. U a big role model for the many South African young ladies. Beuty in and out. We love u Angel

  4. Miss South-Africa Marilyn Ramos The girl with the golden heart !!! Your entire country is supporting you and thinking of you each and every second !

  5. An Ambassador for peace, goodwill and hope. She embraces diversity of the world and has the beauty of the mind, heart and the spirit. That’s what completes her character to be Miss World 2013

  6. With God and South Africa behind u, who can be against u. Shine bright like a diamond, like u only know how. Make us proud Marilyn, the whole of Klerksdord and SA depends on u.LUV U LOTZ!!!!!

  7. Cogratulations! in advance cause we know the title is yours make us proud and all of the best. We fully behind you.

  8. Marilyn is such an inspiration out of this world!!! What you see is what you get from her!🙂 Thank you marilyn for being such an amazing person! You trully deserve Miss World! !

  9. U go girl miss monica elwin,such a sweet loving human been allways wit a smile on her face good luck,and God blest u always and keep u safe viva Honduras

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