Miss World 2013: Leader Board – Week 1

Oh how time flies so fast! We are already done with week one of Miss World 2013. I haven’t started with my full coverage of the pageant yet but we are about to enter the second week of the competition already. Like last year’s pageant, I am presenting you my leader board to let you know my favorites each week. And this board will be updated as each candidate goes through an activity! Through this, we will see the growth and fall of various candidates.

For week 1, I am basing this mainly on their official photos, contestant introduction videos and some arrival photos. Here are my favorite girls for Week 1:

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Photos used in the collage are from the Miss World website!

15th Place: Namibia (Paulina Malulu)

14th Place: Puerto Rico (Nadyalee Torres)

13th Place: South Africa (Marilyn Ramos)

12th Place: China (Wei Wei Yu)

11th Place: Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)

10th Place: Cyprus (Kristy Marie Agapioy)

9th Place: South Sudan (Modong Manuela Mogga)

8th Place: Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)


7th Place: Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

6th Place: USA (Olivia Jordan)

5th Place: Cote D’Ivoire (Aissata Dia)

4th Place: Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)


3rd Place: France (Marine Lorphelin)

2nd Place: India (Navneet Dhillon)

1st Place: Philippines (Megan Young)


As always, my apologies for the crappy collage! Hahaha!



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