Miss World 2013 (10th Update): The Profile Videos – Part 1

I have been sharing with you the contestant introduction videos of Miss World 2013 candidate submitted by the ladies themselves. Now, I will start sharing with you their profile videos. These videos were shot upon the arrival of the candidates in Bali and was shot by the organization. So let us try to learn more about the candidate. Same as the contestant introductions, I will be posting them by batch of 5 ladies. Here is the first part:

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Video Credits: Miss World YouTube page

Aruba – Larisa Leeuwe

It is for sure that Larisa is no Zizi Lee (a Miss World runner-up from Aruba) and I find her beauty a bit common. However, she has a very warm smile and seems to be a well-rounded and intelligent woman. It would have been better if she sustained her smile throughout the video. There were seconds in that video that she sounded strict!

Belgium – Noemie Happart

I got bored with Noemie’s video. There was nothing that stood out for me! Even the hair, what she was wearing and how she organized her monologue was a bit bore. I hope that she will learn a lot in Miss World and bring something once she compete in Miss Universe later.

Brazil – Sancler Frantz Konzen

I adore Sancler! She is such a beautiful lady. I must admit though that I got distracted with her lower lip! What’s wrong with her lower lip? About her video, I love the fluidity and her energy. It would really be better if a translation or sub-title is made available for non-english speakers!

Cyprus – Kristy Marie Agapioy

Oh Kristy, you just made me fall in love with you more after this video! Sharing something funny about yourself is good but doing it in front of the world makes you stand-out. Kristy is beautiful, simple, relatable, speaks well and is funny! A perfect fit to the Miss World Organization if I must say!

France – Marine Lorphelin

I love this lady! No, I adore her. But I am a bit disappointed with this video. What’s with the awkward pauses? She lost the flow of her thought midway and I am under the impression that everything that she was saying from 0:33 onward was actually not part of her original script. Just a bit disappointment!

There you go…

Please watch out for additional videos for you 😀

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