Miss World 2013 (11th Update): The Press Conference

Prior to the colorful opening ceremony of Miss World 2013, selected members of the press were able to sit down with the organizers of the pageant for the press conference. There to represent Miss World Organization were Julia Morley and the reigning queen – Miss World 2012 Wenxia Yu. The organization also picked 9 contestants to attend the said event – Philippines (Megan Young), Jamaica (Gina Hargitay), Cameroon (Denise Valerie Ayena), Indonesia (Vania Larissa), Netherlands (Jacqueline Steenbeek), Australia (Erin Holland), Lebanon (Karen Ghraoui), Puerto Rico (Nadyalee Torres) & Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez). Here are some of the photos and a video from the said event:

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Video Credits: TheEmeraldvideos of YouTube

Photo Credits: FB Page of Miss World

Photo Credits: Sash Factor


Puerto Rico






Photo Credits: Sash Factor

These 9 delegates should feel proud of themselves for being handpicked to speak during the press conference. If you will ask me, being hand picked means enjoying the trust of the organization. Let us bet as to who among this 9 will end up being a semifinalist (at least). My bet is at the very least 7 of them will advance to the semifinals & at leas one will end up in the top three! Bold statements y’all!

How about you?!? What do you think?!?


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