Miss World 2013 (12th Update): The Opening Ceremony

Miss World 2013 was officially opened last weekend! Sticking to its tested formula, the opening ceremony celebrated the beauty of the participating delegates and showcased the natural beauty and culture of the host country – Indonesia!

The ladies were presented on stage in their evening gowns and again, wearing several regional costumes of Indonesia. I decided not to put photos of the candidates instead just group pictures from the said event. However, I want you guys to review the video that I am posting below because I want all of us to observe the girls in motion.

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Let us start with the group photos!

Photo Credits: FB Page of Miss World

The leftmost lady in this photo is stunning. I can’t recognize her! Is she Ms. Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)? And is that Venezuela (Karen Soto) to the right of Wenxia Yu? I might say that Indonesia (Vania Larissa) is looking really queenly! I am expecting her to place really high on the finale!

Even without the logo, this lay-out screams Miss World

Try spotting Ms. Julia Morley! And yes, I find the photo a bit funny!

The beauty of Indonesia…

Now, let us check-out this video!

Video Credits: TheEmeraldvideos of YouTube

The ladies who impressed me with their personality on the video are: Albania (Ersela Kurti), Australia (Erin Holland), Bahamas (De’Andra Bannister), Bolivia (Maria Alejandra Castillo), Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen), Chile (Camila Andrade), Cote D’Ivoire (Aissata Dia), Cyprus (Kristy Marie Agapioy), Czech Republic (Lucie Kovandova), Ecuador (Laritza Parraga), France (Marine Lorphelin), Georgia (Tamar Shedania), Gibraltar (Maroua Kharbouch), Guyana (Ruqayyah Boyer), Indonesia (Vania Larissa), Italy (Sarah Baderna), Kosovo (Antigona Sejdiu), Lebanon (Karen Ghraoui), Martinique (Julie Lebrasseur), Netherlands (Jacqueline Steenbeek), Northern Ireland (Meagan Green), Norway (Alexandra Marie Backstrom), Panama (Virginia Hernandez), Philippines (Megan Young), Puerto Rico (Nadyalee Torres), Russia (Elmira Abdrazakova), Scotland (Jamey Bowers), South Africa (Marilyn Ramos), South Sudan (Modong Manuela Mogga), Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez), Sri Lanka (Iresha Asanki De Silva), Turkey (Ruveyda Oksuz) and USA (Olivia Jordan). 

Sharing some of my observations:

* Australia seems to be too blond and too caucasian on stage! I still like her though.

* Barbados (Regina Ramjit) had really weird brow shape.

* Bolivia looks really fresh and beautiful!

* And it seems Brazil slipped on stage. Can you check the video on 1:09?!?

* What’s with the hairstyle of China (Wei Wei Yu)? And why put too much foundation?!? But yeah, the dress looks divine!

* Oh, Cyprus looks DIVINE!!!

* I am hoping that Georgia will not be wasted this time! I find her much more beautiful this time!

 * India (Navneet Dhillon) could have styled her hair better! I still have my faith on her…

* Can I just wish for Italy‘s jawline for Christmas?!?

* It’s a bad case of eyeliner for Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)!

* What happened to Mexico (Marilyn Chagoya)?

* Can someone please remind Venezuela (Karen Soto) that this is not the national costume competition! What’s with the cape?

What do you think friends?!?


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