Miss World 2013 (13th Update): An Introduction to the Challenge Events

Before I talk about the results of several challenge events of Miss World 2013, let me give you a quick introduction these events. This is especially helpful to those who are not familiar on how Miss World works. Challenge events for this year include the staple Beach Fashion/Beach Beauty, Top Model, Talent, Sports, Beauty with a Purpose and Multimedia which started just last year. Prior to Miss World 2011, winners of these challenges were automatically qualify as semifinalists. It was named fast track event before because of the automatic qualification. Since 2011, winners are no longer automatically included in the finale but instead all finalists of the challenge event get a point that will be added up. The ladies with the highest points from these challenge events qualify to enter as semifinalists. Despite not being automatic, a candidate will aim to enter and place in as many challenge events as possible to accumulate more points.  Almost always, winners of Miss World pageants since 2003 won/made it into these challenge events. Here are the facts:

Miss World 2003: Rosanna Davison
Beach Beauty Winner
Talent Top 21

Miss World 2004: Maju Mantilla
Sports 2nd Runner-up
Talent Top 25

Miss World 2005: Unnur Birna
Beach Beauty Top 5
Talent Top 16

Miss World 2006: Tatiana Kucharova
Beach Beauty 1st Runner-up

Miss World 2007: Zhang Zilin
Beach Beauty 2nd Runner-up
Top Model Winner

Miss World 2008: Ksenia Sukhinova
Beach Beauty 2nd Runner-up
Top Model Winner

Miss World 2009: Kaiane Aldorino
Sports Top 12
Talent Top 22
Beach Beauty Winner

Miss World 2010: Alexandria Mills
Beach Beauty 1st Runner-up
Top Model 2nd Runner-up

Miss World 2011: Ivian Sarcos
Beach Beauty 3rd Runner-up
Top Model Top 10

Miss World 2012: Wenxia Yu
Beach Fashion 2nd Runner-up
Talent Winner
Top Model Top 10

Now, with the facts above, I am sure that you will understand why the girls are working hard to be included as finalist in these challenge events. If you will ask me though, what matters to me are only three challenge events: Top Model, Beach Fashion and Beauty with a Purpose. The first two are actually a very good gauge on who will place and the latter for being the soul of Miss World pageant.

If you will be making your own favelist, you know where to start!


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