Throwback Thursday (09.12.13): Almost Miss World, TWICE!!!

My Throwback Thursday entry for today gives tribute to two unforgettable Filipinas who brought us closest to the Miss World crown.

Evangeline Pascual – Miss World 1973 1st Runner-up


Photo Credits: Adventures of a Beauty Queen

Evangeline (2nd from Right) is pictured her with the rest of the finalists of Miss World 1973. A controversy that year resulted to the dethronement of the reigning queen. However, based on some unverified reports, Evangeline ended up not getting the crown. I would love to hear the story!

Gwendoline Ruais – Miss World 2011 1st Runner-up


Photo Credits: Ace Showbiz

Gwendoline (leftmost) is seen here after the coronation of Miss World 2011. She was the first Filipina representative to Miss World after the license was awarded to Ms. Cory Quirino. I would have loved seeing the blue crown on Gwen but Ivian Sarcos (the eventual winner) was really unstoppable.

Will this trend continue this year with Megan Young?

or will this be the year for the Philippines?

We will know on September 28!


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