Miss World 2013: Leader Board – Week 2

Friends, these are my Top 15 favorite candidates for the 2nd week of Miss World 2013. I determined the ranking based on several pageant events like the Press Conference and colorful Opening Ceremony. I also took into account some contestant profiles, the results of our poll and the beach fashion results. 3 new ladies entered my leader board and a major shake-up happened for those who survived the first week. The pageant is shaping up to be a competitive batch…

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Photos used in these collage are from several websites… Credits to the owners!!!

15th Place: USA (Olivia Jordan)

14th Place: Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

13th Place: Australia (Erin Holland)

12th Place: India (Navneet Dhillon)

11th Place: China (Wei Wei Yu)


10th Place: Cote D’Ivoire (Aissata Dia)

9th Place: Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

8th Place: Puerto Rico (Nadyalee Torres)

7th Place: South Sudan (Modong Manuela Mogga)

6th Place: Italy (Sarah Baderna)


5th Place: Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

4th Place: Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

3rd Place: France (Marine Lorphelin)

2nd Place: Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)

1st Place: Philippines (Megan Young)


My coverage of the pageant will continue this week and I hope to see the ladies stepping up their games as the finale approaches 😀


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