Miss World 2013 (16th Update): The Sports Challenge Event

After the announcement of the official finalists for the Beach Fashion Event HERE, the ladies went down and sweaty with the sports challenge event. It was the second challenge event for Miss World 2013. The event was divided into two – (1) the elimination and (2) the finals.

The Elimination

116 candidates went through the elimination process. The candidates had to perform a selection of four fitness exercise for 30 seconds. After each routine, the total number of repetitions were added together giving them a total score. The top 4 from each group were then selected to go through onto the final round of the event.

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Photo Credits: Miss World Organization

South Africa (Marilyn Ramos)

After the elimination, these are the 4 candidates with highest combined score and qualified for the sports challenge finals. A reserve candidate was also chosen from the group eliminations.

Group 1 (Red Team)

Belgium (Noemie Happart)

Hungary (Annamaria Rakosi)

Northern Ireland (Meagan Green)

Scotland (Jamey Bowers)

Reserve – Aruba (Larisa Leeuwe)

Group 2 (Blue Team)

Dominican Republic (Leslassa Armour-Shillingford)

El Salvador (Paola Ayala)

Montenegro (Ivana Milojko)

Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)

Reserve – Cyprus (Kristy Marie Agapioy)

Group 3 (Yellow Team)

Italy (Sarah Baderna)

Netherlands (Jacqueline Steenbeek)

Nicaragua (Luz Mery Decena Rivera)

Slovakia (Karolina Chomistekova)

Reserve – Bulgaria (Nansi Karaboycheva)

Group 4 (Green Team)

England (Kirsty Heslewood)

New Zealand (Ella Langsford)

Panama (Virginia Hernandez)

Paraguay (Coral Ruiz Reyes)

Reserve – Peru (Elba Fahsbender Merino)

The Finals

The sports challenge final was divided into four challenges: Volleyball Tournament, Traditional Indonesian Plank Race, The Waterbucket Challenge and The Tug of War. On top of the challenges, each team as a whole were given points on their energy and enthusiasm as they cheer their teammates.

Here are the results of each challenge:

Volleyball – Blue Team


Waterbucket – Yellow Team

Traditional Indonesian Plank Race – Yellow Team


Tug of War – Yellow Team

US Virgin Islands (Petra Cabrera-Badia)


What we need to know now is who will be declared as the winner of the Sports Challenge event?!?

I am betting on either Slovakia or Netherlands!

We will find out on the 28th!


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