Miss World 2013 (17th Update): The Beach Fashion Finalists Photo Shoot

I have shared with you HERE the list of candidates who qualified as finalists in the Beach Fashion event of Miss World 2013. Now, the organization released the pictures from the photo shoot of the eleven finalists! Really special to watch 😀 Here are the behind-the-scenes photos. I don’t think that these are the final beach fashion photos!

Photo Credits: Miss World

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Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

China PR (Wei Wei Yu)

France (Marine Lorphelin)

Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

Italy (Sarah Baderna)

Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

Moldova (Valeriya Tsurkan)

Philippines (Megan Young)

Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)

Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

Just basing on the photos above, my bets for this event are
Brazil, Philippines, Ukraine, Ghana & Spain!

What do you think?!?


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4 Responses to Miss World 2013 (17th Update): The Beach Fashion Finalists Photo Shoot

  1. Ber says:

    I wonder why Indonesia made it.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Ber! Thanks for dropping by! In fairness to Vania (Indonesia), I think she fits the Miss World mold perfectly! She has this aura of sweetness and regalness that is appreciated by MWO. My problem with her is her inconsistency! There are just too many unflattering photos from her!

  2. Ber says:

    The advantage of being a host country, give chance to others sana hehe anyway I used to visit your blog from time to time now lang ako nag comment 😉

    • Domzee says:

      Hi again Ber,

      I am sure that there will be some perks in hosting a pageant but I just hope that results will only be based on the performance of the candidate! Thank you for regularly visiting my blog! Please spread the good news hehehe! Feel free to comment anytime! I appreciate it!



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