The Start of Kattera Awards 2014!

I am giggling with excitement!

As we brace ourselves for the grand finale of Miss World 2013, I am also counting down the days before I reveal the first batch of nominees of Kattera Awards 2014! Yay! This will be the second year that I will be giving the said awards and I can’t wait to start…

For those who just started reading my blog this year, here is a quick refresher course on the said awards. You can start by checking-out what happened when I first gave out the awards for Kattera Awards 2013! Let me start by telling you that this award is only open to all participating candidates and countries in the four major international beauty pageants this year and these are – Miss Universe 2013, Miss World 2013, Miss Earth 2013 and Miss International 2013.

Here are the awards that I will be giving out:

GrandSlam Queen of the Year

Simply put, she is my favorite queen for 2013!
Qualifiers for these awards are those who won the title in each major pageant!

Face of the Year

Simply put, the face of this candidate reminds me of beauty pageant 2013!
Anyone with the a very beautiful face may qualify.

Body of the Year

Simply put, she is the lady who had the most “pageant-ready” body we’ve seen in 2013!
Anyone may qualify but those who won swimsuit awards will be prioritized

Best Catwalk of the Year

Simply put, she is the queen of runway 2013!
Anyone may also qualify for this specific award 🙂

Non-Placer of the Year

Simply put, she was left in the cold when she was supposedly a big threat for a crown!
Anyone who failed to be called a semifinalist may qualify

Country of the Year

Simply put, this is the country that claimed 2013 as its beauty pageant year.
A country will qualify only if all of its 4 representatives advanced as a semifinalist!

And this year, I am adding two more awards….

Pageant of the Year

Simply put, it is the pageant with detailed pageant coverage and impressive set of winners!

People’s Choice of the Year

Simply put, she is my most favorite candidate among those who won the poll in this blog!

How to determine the Nominees?!?

This is the most exciting part! Every after major pageant, all of my readers will be given a chance to submit their favorites for the awards. I will strongly consider the nominees of my readers in identifying the winner for that specific pageant! These pageant winners will automatically be the nominees for Kattera Awards 2014 which will happen in January 2014! And what is the most exciting part?!? A lucky reader will be given a chance to participate as part of the panel! This means that you will have a say on who will be the nominees for Kattera Awards 2014! Interested in being part of the Kattera Awards: Miss World 2013 panel?!? I will let you know in the next few days on how to join!

I am still finalizing the details on how to determine the winners but this will most likely happen by January 2014!

Again, I am giggling with excitement…


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