Miss World 2013 (19th Update): The Big Boo-Bo0

[UPDATED] Miss World already released an FB post regarding this boo-boo. Here is the complete statement:

woops! seems like when we meant to set the image of Kazakhstan to be the ALBUM cover of the last photo album, it got set to the Page Photocover instead! That’s what happens when you have been working all day long! No need to get excited! Mystery over :o)

Part 2 of the photo album will be arriving today – lets not make that mistake again!

I am pretty sure that this is just an honest mistake by the staff who maintains the Facebook Fan Page of Miss World

BUT this is such a Big Boo-Boo for them!


As what you can see in the screen cap above, the official Miss World Facebook Fan Page uploaded a new profile picture 🙂 It seems – based on the comments – that the lady is Kazakhstan – Ainura Toleuova. This mistake happened on a time when fans are on “Miss World fever” – we are in the middle of Miss World 2013 and most fans check the pageant’s FB page for update! As of press time, the fan page has more than 225,000 likes already and the photo that was uploaded 3 hours ago generated 18 comments already with others calling foul and unfair. I also can’t blame the fans! Personally, I just think that this is an honest mistake and there is no malice intended… But with their FB fan page being just a “press” away from thousand of fans, the responsibility of maintaining their fan page should be given to someone who has a great deal of attention to little details.

I refreshed the MW FB Fan Page thrice already hoping that the organizers already did something…

I still see the same profile picture 😦


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