Miss World 2013 (20th): This will be a spectacular Top Model event!

Activities of Miss World 2013 is on-going as we welcome the last week of the pageant! 3 challenge events were staged and we were able to meet the finalists of Sports, Beach Fashion & Talent. There are 4 remaining challenge events to be staged by the pageant and one of them is Top Model.

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Top Model Challenge Event

This event will showcase the poise and runway skills of the delegates! The thought of seeing the girls in motion excites me as I am a sucker for beauty queens who brings fire onstage! The top model challenge event this year is extra special because the ladies will be wearing the creation of 48 of Indonesia’s elite fashion designers. I am sure that the event will celebrate both the immense talent of these designers and the grace and catwalk skills of the candidates! Such a spectacular and exciting moment, if you will ask me!

I am glad that Miss World was so gracious enough to share the link to the designers’ sketches of the dress to be presented during the top model event. Though I am a bit baffled on the decision to use Byzantine as theme for the dresses (I would have wanted something that reflects the culture of Indonesia and the spirit of the Indonesian people), I still saw some fabulous designs. I am not a fashion expert but I decided to pick-out some sketches that I think will look good on stage! I just hope that the construction will really live up to the fabulous design. Click THIS for the link to the sketches of the dresses for the Top Model event!

Here are my favorite sketches and who I want to see wearing them 😀

My apologies for the crappy collage… Credits to the owners of the photos used in the collage!

Agnes Budhisurya for Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)


Ayu Dyah Andari for China (Wei Wei Yu)


Devy Ros for Albania (Ersela Kurti)


Grace Soenjaya for Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez)


Sophie Po for France (Marine Lorphelin)


Sposarika for Philippines (Megan Young)


The best of luck to all the designers 😀


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One Response to Miss World 2013 (20th): This will be a spectacular Top Model event!

  1. Ber says:

    I love the designs, regal and queenly.

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