Miss World 2013 (22nd Update): Candid Photos – Part 1

I have been wanting to start my candid photo posts for Miss World 2013. It is actually a bit late already. Then again, better late than never 😀 For those who are not familiar, the series of posts featuring some candid pictures of the delegates is my way of meeting the other “side” of the candidates. Most of these photos were taken by the candidate themselves while they are not on official pageant activity – e.g. during meals, while roaming around the hotel, in their hotel rooms or simply bonding with other candidates. During these times, the candidates tend to show a very relaxed persona comparing it when the official photographer of the pageant is around. I think that for a pageant like Miss World, a candidate’s personality and attitude affects her over-all performance. So, these photos might just help us know more about our queens.

For the first part, photos below just cover the first two days of the candidates in Indonesia. There will be more posts related to this so please watch-out for that!

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Photos featured here are from Missosology (www.missosology.info)!
Credits to Missosology and to the owners of the photos!

Venezuela (Karen Soto), Chile (Camila Andrade) & Ecuador (Laritza Parraga)

I am really disappointed with Venezuela. I am not sure if their inspiration was Ivian Sarcos because I am seeing a bit of resemblance BUT sad to say, they didn’t achieve it! I am pleased seeing Chile! So sophisticated, so beautiful!

Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

It is a given that Ukraine has a very beautiful face! We also aware of her placement in the Beach Fashion event but I am looking for more from her!

Switzerland (Cindy Williner)

Philippines (Megan Young)

Megan surely knows the formula on how to melt my heart 😀

South Africa (Marilyn Ramos) & Bahamas (De’Andra Bannister)

I don’t get it why I am hearing less from South Africa! She is beautiful and has this amazing personality! What could be the problem?!? Bahamas is a stunner!

Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez) & Portugal (Elisabete Rodrigues)

I’ll confess, Spain is one of my favorites this year!


Gorgeous face! Will you blame me for falling in love with this lady?!?

South Africa, Jamaica (Gina Hargitay), Ecuador,
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sanda Gutic), Scotland (Jamey Bowers),
Croatia (Lana Grzetic) & Hungary (Annamaria Rakosi)

Stand-out for me are South Africa, Jamaica, Ecuador & Hungary

Sri Lanka (Iresha Asanki De Silva)

This is a flattering photo 🙂

Slovakia (Karolina Chomistekova), Czech Republic (Lucie Kovandova),
Malaysia (Melinder Bhullar), Tanzania (Brigitte Lyimo),
Uganda (Stellah Nantumbwe) & Vietnam (Thao Lai Huong)

Happy with Czech Republic! Others were probably still adjusting to the timezone – remember, this is a late post. But Vietnam’s hair bothers me! Really bothers me… 😦

Russia (Elmira Abdrazakova)

Russia is too silent… Not good!

Singapore (Maria-Anna Zenieris)

Paraguay (Coral Ruiz Reyes)

Great curves for Paraguay!

Philippines & Guyana (Ruqayyah Boyer)

Guyana is a sweet lady but I really don’t get the hype!

Namibia (Paulina Malulu), Australia (Erin Holland) & South Africa

I am starting to be disappointed with the performance of Australia! I had high hopes.

Mexico (Marilyn Chagoya) & Thailand (Kanyaphak Phokesomboon)

Not impressed with Mexico’s beauty BUT she has this aura of strength that I like. 2 of my favorite Miss World delegates are from Mexico (Mariana Berumen & Perla Beltran) and both were on top of the list of beautiful misses. If this is Mexico’s way of “crying foul” for ignoring the two, I am surely supportive! It’s Thailand over Mexico for me…

New Zealand (Ella Langsford)

Malta (Donna Borg Leyland) & Denmark (Malene Riis Sorensen)

I’ll pick Denmark over Malta!

Mauritius (Nathalie Lesage) & Botswana (Rosemary Keofitlhetse)

Like with Vietnam’s hair, I am bothered with Botswana’s forehead!

Lebanon (Karen Ghraoui) & Finland (Maija Kerisalmi)

Finland is adorable!

That’s it for now! I will be back later for more candid photos for you…

So far, I enjoyed seeing: Chile, Philippines, Bahamas, South Africa, Spain, Jamaica, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka & Thailand… How about you?!? Who impressed you (just basing from the photos above)?


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