Miss World 2013 (23rd Update): The Profile Videos – Part 2

We are a week away from meeting Miss World 2013 queen! One of the 127 delegates will be going home with the blue crown. I am sure that you are already excited for the finals but I want all of us to try to learn more about the delegates. We might just be looking at our next queen.

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This post is a follow-up of THIS post. Here, I will feature 5 more candidates who are on their quest for the blue crown. Let us hear what they can say about themselves:

Video Credits: Miss World YouTube Page

Czech Republic – Lucie Kovandova

I like Lucie! I also love that she looks laid back and relaxed. I appreciate that she spoke in English even if she had a hard time pronouncing some words. I just wish that she showed a bit of personality while she was talking. She was so straightforward!

Philippines – Megan Young

She exudes so much confidence. It is very clear that she is comfortable in front of the camera. After three seconds, she loosened up and had hand gestures as if she was just talking to a friend. She also looked beautiful and polished. I am impressed! I am bothered though with her intonation of “in Manila”!


 Spain – Elena Ibarbia Jimenez

I love this video! If only she slowed down a bit then it would have been perfect. But seriously, she has this engaging smile and a very warm disposition. Lovely face 😀

USA – Olivia Jordan

Olivia’s video showed so much of her personality! It’s too personal that you will think that she is talking to you directly. However, the longer I stare at her face I slowly realize that she isn’t exceptionally beautiful. This is probably the reason why she is a bit silent in Bali.

Thailand – Kanyaphak Phokesomboon

She us beautiful, no doubt! But I wonder if that is how she really speaks. Her intonation is really weird, as if she is hosting a documentary or something. I am impressed with her ability to speak several languages though 🙂

For this batch, i’ll give it to Philippines & Spain!


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