Miss World 2013 (25th Update): The Talent Competition Finale

The finalists of the Miss World 2013‘s talent competition took the center stage for the talent competition grand finale. To refresh your memory, there were 12 candidates who made it as finalists – 5 singers, 4 dancers and 3 musicians. Each gave it their all as they try to win this competition. Of course the winner will be awarded a point and will move herself forward ahead of the others in the finale.

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Here are some photos from the finale:

Photo Credits: Miss World Website





Hong Kong China




Trinidad and Tobago



British Virgin Islands

Here is the official results of the Talent Competition of Miss World 2013:

Winner: Indonesia (Vania Larissa)

2nd Place: Australia (Erin Holland)

3rd Place: Ukraine (Anna Zaiachkivska)

4th Place: British Virgin Islands (Kirtis Malone)

5th Place: Canada (Camille Munro)

I am sure that you are excited to see how each finalist performed. The video I have here is not the complete performance video of each candidate BUT you will see the highlights of their performance! This is already good 😀 And with that whistle of Indonesia, she definitely deserves the win! Here is the video:

Video Credits: lis Liyanatul Ulwiyah of YouTube

I am just happy with the result because Australia & Indonesia were the two singers that I favored to win the award! Yay!



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3 Responses to Miss World 2013 (25th Update): The Talent Competition Finale

  1. Ber says:

    What else is new hehehe they should crown Indonesia anytime bakit kelangan pang antayin ang sept. 28? Obviously its another hometown victory.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi again Ber! Thanks for visiting 🙂 In defense of Vania, her win of the talent competition is I think well-deserved. She won Indonesia’s Got Talent so I am sure she is really good. And her whistle during the performance was unbelievable!

  2. Ber says:

    The only award that she deserve I guess 😉

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