Miss World 2013 (28th Update): Profile Videos – Part 3

I continue presenting to you the profile videos of the candidates (you can check other profile video posts HERE). Let us know more about the ladies who are vying for the Miss World 2013 title 😀

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Video Credits: Miss World YouTube Page

China – Wei Wei Yu

I like Wei Wei! There is genuineness in the video and it seemed to me that all her words were heartfelt. I would have preferred if she styled her hair better. It bothered me while watching the video! Other than this, I am very satisfied!

Ghana – Carranzar Naa Shooter

Ghana’s video was only for 25 seconds and I felt that it was too short! She was already eating her words at the end part of her video. How I wished she could have spoken slowly, took her time and let the audience be awed by her natural beauty!

Puerto Rico – Nadyalee Torres

Another short video from Nadyalee! Why can’t they extend it for several seconds and explain more about themselves. I seriously don’t get it! It is a pity seeing her for just 15 seconds because I so love her face and her accent!

Australia – Erin Holland

I prefer this compare to the shorter videos above. In just 38 minutes, Erin was able to discuss her work and explain about her experiences. She even had a time to thank the people of Bali for their warm welcome. I am not sure about her chances in the finale but I will be happy seeing her called-out as a semifinalist!

Indonesia – Vania Larissa

I must say that I was expecting more from Vania. I had high hopes from her but sadly, she had pauses in between the video making her hesitant and her thought, not fluid. I can’t deny the fact though that she is beautiful 😀

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos…

If I need to choose, I will vote for China and Australia here!

Did we just hear from our next Miss World?!?

We will find out this Saturday!


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