Mutya Datul in Rated K (Full Video)

Rated K is a news magazine show of ABS-CBN. Last Sunday, the program featured Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Datul and she was interviewed by no other than Korina Sanchez – the host of the show. They talked about Mutya’s childhood and her motivations to succeed in life!

It was a bit melodramatic but I guess the main point of the story was to inspire people. One thing is for sure, Mutya fought really hard to reach where she is now and she deserves the success! I salute her for telling the world that there is nothing that we can achieve without determination, hard work and faith in the Almighty! Mabuhay ka Mutya!

Video Credits: Star Minute of YouTube

Continue to inspire Mutya!


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One Response to Mutya Datul in Rated K (Full Video)

  1. Ber says:

    I just love her,. I did not expect her to win pra hindi ko ma-jinx ang chances nya hehe but I’m more than happy when she win, very deserving.

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