Miss World 2013 (29th Update): Top Model Event in Photos & Video

I already explained to you why the Top Model event is one of my favorite challenge events in Miss World 2013! We already know by now who made it as finalists of this event. Here are some close-up photos of the girls along with a video of the highlights from the event. ENJOY!!!

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Photo Credits: FB Fan Page of Miss World

Brazil – Sancler Frantz Konzen

Cameroon – Denise Valerie Ayena

Cyprus – Kristy Marie Agapioy

England – Kirsty Heslewood

France – Marine Lorphelin

Italy – Sarah Baderna

Philippines – Megan Young

South Sudan – Modong Manuela Mogga

Ukraine – Anna Zaiachkivska

USA – Olivia Jordan

Top Model Finalists

Here is the video I promised 😀

Video Credits: TheEmeraldvideos of YouTube


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2 Responses to Miss World 2013 (29th Update): Top Model Event in Photos & Video

  1. Ber says:

    Where’s the 11th girl? She should be there.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Ber,

      I believe there were 10 finalists only in the Top Model event 🙂 The Beach Fashion event had 11 finalists though!


      Kattera 😀

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