Miss World 2013 (30th Update): The Undiscovered Gems of the Pageant

I am writing this post not to undermine the chances of these girls but rather to introduce to you some of the “undiscovered” candidates of Miss World 2013! These are the candidates who failed to enter as finalists of major challenge events. However, I strongly believe in the capabilities of these candidates! Since everyone is on the same level until the semifinalists will be called out, I still have some hopes for these ladies!

Photo Credits: FB Fan Page of Miss World and of the Candidates

Argentina (Maria Teresa Kuster)

Bermuda (Katherine Arnfield)

Cote D’Ivoire (Aissata Dia)

Georgia (Tamar Shedania)

Kosovo (Antigona Sejdiu)

Panama (Virginia Hernandez)

Poland (Katarzyna Krzeszowska)

It would be a shame wasting these delegates!

What do you think?!?


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2 Responses to Miss World 2013 (30th Update): The Undiscovered Gems of the Pageant

  1. Ber says:

    If I were a candidate, I’ll packed my bags and go home knowing that I did’nt even made it in all the fast tract events only proves that I dont have any chance of winning, parang nkakawala ng excitement kasi alam mo na halos kung sinu sino ang mga papasok sa semi-finals, unlike Miss U na exciting kasi no one knows who’s in or who’s not.

    • Domzee says:

      You do have a point Ber! I still follow the pageant closely because of the unpredictability of the pageant 😀 It is exciting!

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