Miss World 2013 Finale Updates: The Top 10

I can’t connect to the live streaming so I will watch the show later over GMA 7! As of the moment, I am online waiting for updates from Sash Factor (www.sashfactor.info). This is the leaderboard after all points were awarded from the challenge event of Miss World 2013Megan Young of Philippines is on the lead!

Top 10

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

1st Place: Philippines (Megan Young) – 328 points

2nd Place: Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)- 323 points

3rd Place: Australia (Erin Holland) – 316 points

4th Place: France (Marine Lorphelin) – 308 points

5th Place: Nepal (Ishani Shrestha) – 290 points

6th Place: England (Kirsty Heslewood) – 282 points

7th Place: Indonesia (Vania Larissa) – 282 points

8th Place: Spain (Elena Ibarbia Jimenez) – 281 points

9th Place: Jamaica (Gina Hargitay) – 280 points

10th Place: Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter) – 278 points

I am so missing Ukraine and Italy!

Scores will be back to zero!


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