Holding Out an Olive Branch

Megan Young is Miss World 2013! Megan’s success comes right off the heels of Mutya Datul‘s historic Miss Supranational 2013 win. Every Filipino is celebrating these historic wins. And Binibining Pilipinas (BPCI) shares the same celebratory mood! Two crowns, two queens, two different national pageant for ONE COUNTRY!

This photo was posted in the official FB fan page of BPCI today! I must say that I am impressed with this action of BPCI.


Photo Credits: FB Page of BPCI

If you are a follower of Philippine pageantry, you are probably aware with the rumors that surfaced when Bb. Pilipinas 2013 was about to start. Some fans believed that Megan Young and his camp “allegedly” sent some feeler to BPCI to check if Megan can join this year’s pageant. It is a common knowledge that Megan had a shoot before for a magazine on her swimsuit and another common knowledge is that BPCI disqualified some candidates because of some “controversial” photo shoot. If this is true then there might just be a bit of friction somewhere.

Let us not forget as well that Megan won Miss World Philippines 2013 under the watch of Cory Quirino. The ever-beautiful national director received the right to send Filipina delegates to Miss World pageant in 2011 after BPCI lost the franchise. BPCI held the franchise for 19 years but failed to capture the crown.

It is probably Megan’s destiny not to be with Bb. Pilipinas 2013  and to join and win Miss World Philippines 2013 which we now know the ending. I am just too happy with what BPCI did and the fact that they are happy and proud with Megan, even if she is from a different national pageant! At the end of the day, the honor of winning the blue crown is not only for Megan or for Ms. Cory but for all FILIPINOS.

Mabuhay ang Gandang Pilipina!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


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