Miss World 2013 Coronation Ball

Are you wondering what happened after the glittering finale of Miss World 2013?!? Well, after the crowning of Megan Young (Philippines), she attended a short press conference along with the Indonesian organizers and Julia Morley – head of Miss World Organization. Megan was flanked by her runner-ups – Marine Lorphelin (France) and Carranzar Naa Shooter (Ghana).

Photo Credits: FB Page of Miss World

Photo Credits: FB Page of Miss World

The top three is perfect… But I think Ghana’s beauty needs a special call-out! Love her look!

After the short Q&A, everyone proceeded to the Coronation Ball. My guess is that it served as the after-party/victory party after the success of the finale. During the coronation ball, trophies were awarded to the winners of the challenge events and the continental queens were announced. A continental queen is the candidate with the highest finale score from a specific region. Here are the results and some photos:

Photo Credits: FB Page of Miss World

The Awarding of Trophies to Challenge Event Winners

From L-R: Brazil for Beach Fashion, Netherlands for Sports, Philippines for Top Model, India for Multimedia and Indonesia for Talent

 The Continental Queens

Miss World Europe – France (Marine Lorphelin)

Miss World Caribbean – Jamaica (Gina Hargitay)

Miss World Oceania – Australia (Erin Holland)

Miss World Africa – Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

Miss World Americas – Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

Being crowned as Miss World 2013, Megan Young automatically becomes Miss World Asia as well 🙂

Congratulations everyone…


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One Response to Miss World 2013 Coronation Ball

  1. Ber says:

    Ngayon lang ako nasatisfied sa result ng Miss World., Megan is really pretty.

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