Miss Tourism Queen International 2013: The Official Results

Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 crowned its queen earlier this evening. I can only confirm with you the top five results because there is no official coverage even through the official Facebook page of the pageant. Here are the official results:


Photo Credits: CNS Photo & FB Page of Ms. Joyce Burton

Miss Tourism Queen International 2013: Latvia (Alisa Miskovska)

1st Runner-up: South Africa (Roxzelle Rheeder)

2nd Runner-up: China

3rd Runner-up: Korea (Na Ran Hi)

4th Runner-up: Portugal (Ana Bomfim)

I am really disappointed with Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 pageant. The websites are not updated and the list of semifinalists posted in the pageant’s FB page seemed incorrect – Miss Korea was not included in the list of Top 15! It’s crazy!!! The activities seemed poorly organized with ladies clad in their bikinis dancing in public. There were also pictures of girls in their national costume walking on what seems to be wet road! Their pageant in 2011 was way better than this. The pageant was not staged last year so I was expecting that they can at least deliver a decent pageant but I was greatly disappointed!

BPCI should stop sending Filipina delegates to this pageant. They should settle to just three crowns and two runner-ups! 

UPDATE: BPCI posted in their official FB Page that Philippine‘s representative to MTQI 2013 – Cindy Miranda – confirmed that she was part of the Top 10 semifinalists. Good job Cindy!


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6 Responses to Miss Tourism Queen International 2013: The Official Results

  1. adventuresofabeautyqueen says:

    Agree. The photos on the FB were so unprofessional. They had several shots showing nothing of importance. Kaloka.

    • Domzee says:

      So true Ms. Joyce! I felt the same when Miss Universe 2010 candidates were asked to sell lemonades in swimsuit! It is degrading if you ask the candidates to parade in their swimsuits in public – unless if it is the swimsuit competition!

  2. Correct. Waste of time lang ang pageant na yan. Kaya nga 44 countries na lang ang nauto nila this year e.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Joy! I think the issue of having just 44 candidates was probably because they didn’t stage a pageant last year. I was hoping that the pageant this year was relatively the same with what happened last 2011. That time, it was full of activities and the coverage was decent!

  3. adventuresofabeautyqueen says:

    I counted the girls on the cover photo on the FB parang 80 plus sila. SO CONFUSING!!!! And meron nga ba daw Miss Venezuela? Someone said na wall

    • Domzee says:

      Ms. Joyce, the FB cover page of MTQI is nung 2011 pa. It is not updated! It’s worse if you’ll check their website! I haven’t seen a Ms. Venezuela in their FB page, not even Spain and both names were included in the Top 15 list going around FB now! There are three Ms. China BUT when I checked the photos of the candidates in their FB, no mention of a Miss China! So weird and sad 😦

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