Megan Young’s BBC Interview

A day after Megan Young was crowned in Bali, Indonesia as Miss World 2013, she flew to London for the Miss World Charity Gala. She had a tour of the city and now, she showed up for an interview with BBC – one of the world’s biggest news channels.

Video Credits: jojacob75 of YouTube

Clad in a very simple cardigan, white top and jeans, Megan made sure that the focus will not be on her but on her answers. Even her barely there make-up and simple hairstyle, were indicative of her intent to give focus on Miss World Organization and its charitable endeavors. Her answers were phrased well that always ends up talking about Beauty with a Purpose! I also appreciated the fact that she mentioned about what Philippines is going through right now – raising awareness of our challenges. No matter how Megan tried to downplay it, no one can really ignore her beautiful face. She knew the angle where she looks the best and she maintained that sweet Miss World smile throughout the interview.

Megan aced this interview thanks to her exposure as a TV presenter and her excellent command of the English language! However, there were moments that she stumbled a bit. I just thought that she could have handled the question about the Miss World Muslimah pageant better. Other than that, it was an excellent performance from her! If you will allow me, four an a half tiara rating from me 😀


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