Miss Universe 2013 (3rd Update): The One-Country-Out Trend

Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela are three of the biggest and most competitive countries in Miss Universe in the past decade. In just 10 years (2003 – 2012) of Miss Universe pageants, each country won at least one crown: Mexico won in 2010, Puerto Rico in 2006 and Venezuela had a historic back-to-back win in 2008 & 2009! Other than the crowns, these three are also consistent in being called-out as semifinalist in the pageant. In the past ten pageants, Puerto Rico made it into semifinals 6 times while Mexico and Venezuela had 7 placements! These placements validate the quality of candidates that the national pageants of these countries produce for the most competitive and the best pageant in the world – Miss Universe! However, these three countries are also part of a “trend” in Miss Universe that baffles pageants fans and something that conspiracy theorists might enjoy! The trend has been called-out several times already. It goes without a name, but for the sake of this article, I will call it One-Country-Out trend!

The trend started in Miss Universe 2006 when the heavily bashed Jicztad Vina of Venezuela failed to enter the Top 20 of the pageant. Her exclusion didn’t come as a shock to me because I thought that her features were too strong for the pageant’s taste. Then, every year since 2006, representatives of these three countries failed to enter the semifinalist list all at the same time! Every year, the candidate of one of these countries ends up clapping for the delegates of the other two. I originally thought that it was just a mere coincidence! However, the more you look at how prepared the candidates of these countries are, the more you understand why there are people who are starting to believe that the one-country-out trend!

Here is the list of the two countries who made it into semifinals per year:

2006 – Mexico & Puerto Rico

2007 – Mexico & Venezuela

2008 – Mexico & Venezuela

2009 – Puerto Rico & Venezuela

2010 – Mexico & Puerto Rico

2011 – Puerto Rico & Venezuela

2012 – Mexico & Venezuela

One reason that I am excited for Miss Universe 2013 is to check if this trend will continue! Or will this be the end for the trend 😀


This year, these countries will be represented by Cynthia Duque of Mexico, Monic Perez of Puerto Rico and Gabriela Isler for Venezuela! I hope that these three will actually end the trend because I like all of them. I think each will set the stage ablaze with their beauty and skills. But if I will be forced to rank them, I will most likely choose Puerto Rico and Mexico. Monic seems to be the perfect candidate for a Puerto Rican come back after last year’s upset. She is strong and mature! I haven’t researched enough on Cynthia but seeing some of her photos, I think that she is beautiful. Gabriela is a strong candidate but I find her old and mature in some photos! This is the same observations I had in 2011 but Vanessa Goncalves still placed. And considering the relationship of Russia and Venezuela, I am more keen to believe that she will place.

What do you think about this so-called trend?!?

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One Response to Miss Universe 2013 (3rd Update): The One-Country-Out Trend

  1. We’ll see, but I think one or two will make it, the other/s will clap.. We might be surprised like last year, remember Bodine? Anyway Miss Myanmar and Miss Philippines are two of my sentimental favs to make it, among Asians.

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