Ara Arida’s Showtime OOTD

It’s Showtime (or simply Showtime) is an ABS-CBN variety show. Last week, Philippine representative to Miss Universe 2013 – Ara Arida – was asked to judge. BPCI was gracious enough to share Ara’s photos. Since OOTD (Outfit of the Day) is an online trend today, let us take a look at her fashion choices for her TV appearance.

Credits to the FB Page of BPCI for the photos used in the collage!


Though I can’t see her dress on Day One, I trust that looks good on her same as her choice of dresses for the other days. I adore the colorful dress she wore on her fifth outing! I am also happy with how she styled her hair. Her Day 3 and Day 5 hairstyle choices were dead on! I am too tired with her hairstyle – same as what she sported on Day One.

What bothers me though is her shoe choices! The nude heels she wore on Day Three and Day Five seemed lifeless. The chunky platform she wore on Day Two was too heavy for her dress. For Day Four, I would have preferred a strappy sandal in nude! Ara should get some shoe choice lessons from Megan Young who had wonderful shoe outings during Miss World 2013.

If required to choose, I will go for Ara’s Day Five look with her Day Three a very close second!

Thoughts dear readers!


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