Miss Universe 2013 Profiles: Philippines – Ara Arida

Let me start my Miss Universe 2013 Profiles series by introducing to you my hometown girl who will try her best to bring home the country’s third Miss Universe crown. I am sure that you already know her; nevertheless, I am pleased to start this series with Ariella “Ara” Arida – the official representative of The Philippines to Miss Universe 2013.


Ara Arida’s Photo in Miss Universe website
Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Binibining Pilipinas 2013 was not Ara’s first venture into the national beauty pageant stage. Ara represented her municipality (Alaminos, Laguna) in Miss Philippines Earth 2012. Unfortunately, she failed to advance as a semifinalist. It was probably her destiny working for her because in less than a year, Ara found herself with a crown on her head and a very challenging task on her hands! 


Ara Arida representing Alaminos in Miss Philippines Earth 2012
Photo Credits: PEP

Ara started in Bb. Pilipinas 2013 behind the heavy favorites from the different camps – Pia Wurtzbach of Aces & QueensCharmaine Elima of Kagandahang Flores and Mutya Datul. Everything took a beautiful turn for Ara when she started getting noticed during the preliminaries and “allegedly” getting a standing ovation during the fashion show. At the end of the finale on April 14, 2013, Ara was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2013.


Ara Arida during the Fashion Show of Bb. PIlipinas 2013
Photo Credits: Yahoo PH

Ara’s journey started on April 18th but the exciting part hasn’t started yet. The pressure on her shoulders today is immeasurable: (1) The 3 consecutive Top 5 placement of Philippines in Miss Universe and (2) The successes of Mutya Datul and Megan Young in their respective pageants earlier this year. Some fans are expecting no less than the crown from her. Last year’s second place finish of Janine Tugonon means that there is no way to go but the crown!


Ara and her predecessor – Janine Tugonon
Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

Based on what I am seeing, Ara is entering another competitive environment when she lands in Russia later this month! There is no time to relax because I can count at least 15 delegates who can easily snatch the crown away from her. I know that Ara has been working extra hard since the day she was crowned and she is surrounded by the same people who made the three consecutive Top 5 placement possible, so I will not dare downplay her chances. However, it will be a whole different ball game when Day 1 of Miss Universe 2013 starts. She needs to stick with the game plan created for her Miss Universe stint.

Ara was not my favorite for the title and I am not her biggest fan today! But I have nothing to wish but the best for my hometown delegate. In my opinion, she still has a lot of things to work on, especially her personality – she comes across as someone who is too shy and timid. I am missing the subtle confidence of a Miss Universe Philippines delegate! I will be closely monitoring her and I hope to be surprised and be proven wrong again 🙂 How I would love if that will happen this time!

Click THIS for some photos of Ara 🙂

Click THIS for Ara’s Twirl!

The best of luck to you Ara!

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One Response to Miss Universe 2013 Profiles: Philippines – Ara Arida

  1. Sergio says:

    I will pray for her to bring the crown.

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