Ara Arida on The Buzz

Ara Arida was one of the guests of The Buzz last Sunday! The Buzz is a Sunday entertainment talk show of ABS-CBN. She was there to talk about her upcoming quest to claim the Miss Universe 2013 title. As announced in the video below, Ara is scheduled to leave for Russia this October 21. I can’t wait!

Here is the full video of her guesting…

Video Credits: Ombre Mania of YouTube

I must acknowledge that she improved a bit in this interview. She can already sustain a longer eye contact with her interviewer. She also sounded more alive and energetic comparing this to her previous interviews I posted in this blog. However, I still think that there is still room for improvement for Ara. I still can’t feel the confidence in her voice. That, and her sleepy eyes, sometimes makes her a bit meek and timid. I also hate that jet-black straight hair. It looks so lifeless on her. Please add volume and play with her hairstyle! One more push for Ara. This will not be easy!

By the way, Charlene Gonzales looks ravishing! She can still pass as a Miss Universe delegate. I can’t believe that it was 20 years ago when she participated.

What do you think?


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