When Politics Plays: No Albania & Kosovo in Miss Universe 2013

[UPDATE] A reader left a message in my Facebook Page sharing Mirjeta did apply for a visa but it was declined… Makes me really sad 😦

No, I am not writing this to rant about Philippine politics! Today, I decided to focus on the negative effects of political relations on beauty pageants. Beauty pageants should be beyond politics. It is a celebration of beauty and character, a gathering of society’s role model, a meeting of minds of future movers and shakers around the world! However, it seems that Miss Universe 2013 is already a victim of “political circus”.

It just came into my attention today that 2 candidates of Miss Universe 2013 will not compete in the pageant. I am talking about the absence of Mirjeta Shala (Kosovo) and Fioralba Dizdari (Albania) in Russia later this month. It pains me to share this story knowing that Mirjeta was one of my pre-arrival favorites for the pageant.


Miss Universe Kosovo 2013
Photo Credits: Missosology

To give you a brief history lessons, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. This declaration of independence received mixed reactions from the international community. And Russia had a very strong reaction against Kosovo’s declaration of independence. Read it HERE!  The absence of Kosovo was also the reason why Albania will not be joining. This is because Albania and Kosovo have the same national directors.

I don’t know the reason behind the absence of Kosovo in Miss Universe but I can only think of two possible reasons – (1) Pressure from Kosovo government not to participate in the pageant or (2) Difficulty of the candidate in getting a visa to Russia because Kosovo is not recognized as an independent state! Whatever the reason is, I think that it doesn’t justify the candidates’ absence! These girls are in Miss Universe not just to simply compete but to aim for a certain position that will enable them to touch the lives of more people. Beauty is beyond the realm of politics.

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss Universe 2013 candidate!


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