Photo of the Day (10.11.13): The Queen is HOME!

The Queen is here… Megan Young arrived yesterday and will be staying in the Philippines before she heads back to London to fulfill her responsibilities as Miss World 2013. Megan will be very busy with so much activities planned within her one-week visit. Last night, she attended a press conference and tossed the ball during the pre-season NBA game in SM MOA. Today, Filipinos will witness the grandest homecoming parade befitting a Queen!


Megan waves to the members of the press during last night’s press conference!
Photo Credits: Ms. Joyce Burton of Adventures of a Beauty Queen

I will be waiting for videos and photos tomorrow 😀 It will be my prayer that the weather in Metro Manila will cooperate in time for the homecoming parade!

Welcome home Megan!


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One Response to Photo of the Day (10.11.13): The Queen is HOME!

  1. Nang Awng Seng says:

    Even the Internet connection is Soooooo bad, we’ll still trying to support you …
    So don’t give up. … Miss Myanmar.

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