Video of the Day (10.12.13): Megan Young’s Homecoming Parade

Megan Young had her grand homecoming parade yesterday afternoon! The downpour that Metro Manila is experiencing didn’t stop the fans in trooping to the streets, waiting for a glimpse of Megan – the Philippines’ first Miss World.

The streets were literally filled with people. With umbrellas on hand and their phones on the other, they showered Megan with confetti and chanted her name! I had goosebumps watching the video below. It chronicles the highlights of the homecoming parade:

Video Credits: of YouTube

Some of my observations:

* Megan held on to her winning smile for the whole homecoming parade. Despite how uncomfortable the ride was because of the weather, Megan was all smile to every Filipino who looks at her with high regard. Good on this!

* The float was small and there was no railing for Megan to lean on. It also seemed that the roof of the truck that was used was too low for he.

* Megan looks tired during the MOA meet and greet but she remained sophisticated the whole time! I am in love…


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  1. mgthant says:

    Miss Myanmar

  2. yamato ichita says:

    Miss Myanmar

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