Kattera Awards: Miss World 2013 Edition

It is here! I am pleased to share with you my choices for the Kattera Awards: Miss World 2013 Edition! These winners will also be the first set of nominees for Kattera Awards 2014 that I will reveal by January 2014!

I will be giving out 4 awards today for the candidates of Miss World 2013. Here are the winners:

Best Non-Placer of Miss World 2013
Cameroon (Denise Valerie Ayena)

Cameroon during the Top Model Event
Photo Credits: Miss World

I am very happy with the over-all results of Miss World 2013. However, one exclusion that made me chuckle was the exclusion of Cameroon. I was really not a big fan of her beauty BUT I thought that her personality was so perfect with what Miss World is looking for in its candidates! I had an impression that she was fun to be with (also based on posts from other candidates) and was intelligent. If you will base it on challenge event performance, I really thought that Cameroon did extremely well after being called as finalists in two events – Talent and Top Model. If I will just base it on the announced results of the challenge events, I will assume that she should have been included even just in the Top 20 candidates. I also will not believe in the argument that Miss World Organization wasn’t able to “notice” her presence because (1) it’s the debut year for Cameroon and (2) she was invited to join the opening press conference which means a lot to me. Her performance during Miss World and her great personality are the main reasons why she won this award for me.

Body of Miss World 2013
Brazil (Sancler Frantz Konzen)

Brazil during the special photo shoot for the finalists of Beach Fashion Event
Photo Credits: Miss World

Look at those perfect curves! I have searched for her swimsuit photos and discovered that she has long and lean legs 😀 Sweet! Those arms perfectly frame the curves on her body making her such a sight to behold. These and the fact that she won the Beach fashion event is the reason why she is my choice for this award.

Best Catwalk of Miss World 2013
Philippines (Megan Young)

Video Credits: Adam’s Apple of YouTube

One reason (and probably the best reason) why Philippines is taking home this award is because she won the Top Model competition. That is enough to silence every critic, if there is any. However, looking closely at the video, I realized that Megan did a wonderful job on her catwalk. Her catwalk was very simple – no extra arm action or exaggerated hip swaying – BUT it was dramatic, calculated and very strong!

Face of Miss World 2013
Ghana (Carranzar Naa Shooter)

Ghana during the Miss World 2013 Finals
Photo Credits: Miss World


Photo Credits: Beauty Contests Blog

Ghana is someone that I expect to grow old gracefully and “elegant-ly”. Her face is not just beautiful but is also full of elegance and compassion. She can pass as a member of royalty with her very expressive eyes and nice smile. She even glowed during the finale! Even if I was overwhelmed with Megan’s win, I can’t help but stare on her unforgettable and royalty-worthy face!

It was such a treat for me in trying to complete the awards… I feel really happy with my choices. What do you think?!?

Next stop will be Miss Universe 2013

Who will be the next set of nominees for Kattera Awards 2014?!?


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