Miss Universe 2013 (4th Update): The Catwalk Combat – Part 1

I am always drawn to candidates with exceptional catwalk technique and impressive catwalk showmanship. The catwalk technique refers to the swaying of the hips, the position of the legs when walking and the bending of the knees. The catwalk showmanship, on the other hand, refers to the flair and drama of the delegate when pausing or turning and the hand actions while walking. Uhkee, I made these up but whenever I teach catwalk to beauty queen aspirants, I explain the beauty pageant catwalk in this way!

Last night, while going through random videos on YouTube, I decided to create a post focusing on the catwalk of Miss Universe 2013 candidates. I searched their catwalk videos – while they are on training or during their national finals. If there is a pageant that prefer delegates who have impeccable catwalk capabilities, it would be Miss Universe! It is always expected for a Miss Universe delegate to have a faultless catwalk skills. This year, I am expecting a  catwalk combat in Russia and I can’t wait to see the ladies burning the stage with their catwalk skills. This will be the first part of videos and I hope to find more videos and give my critiques soon! Here are the videos:

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Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

Video Credits: MrDominicanboy09 of YouTube

I love Yaritza! I must say that she already has a good grasp of her catwalk capabilities and maximized it during the national finals. I hate her “jumpy” swimsuit presentation but was uber impressed with her evening gown walk!

Switzerland (Dominique Rinderknecht)

Video Credits: CatwalkCoach of YouTube

I hate her walk in this video – probably because I saw her walking together with her coach. It didn’t seem legit for me. It seems that her walks is counted, predictable and full of blunt pauses. I prefer catwalk with transitions that are smooth and fluid. It is too early for me to judge though because she might just be rehearsing for an MU event like a fashion show but I hope that she has something impressive for the preliminary competition.

Costa Rica (Fabiana Granados)

Video Credits: Mark Batres of YouTube

I love Fabiana but I feel that for a heavy favorite like her, so much is expected that her catwalk seems so ordinary. Even her pauses during the swimsuit portion was shaky. There was also nothing special in her evening gown presentation but I must admit that I like it better than swimsuit! It is probably just because of the circular stage but I am really disappointed! 

Austria (Doris Hoffman)

Video Credits: thebayarea95122 of YouTube

Definitely not impressed with Doris’ catwalk. There is nothing special about her catwalk. Please don’t get me wrong, it is actually an “ok” presentation BUT putting this catwalk on the context of Miss Universe when almost all candidates are trained intensively on their catwalk skills,  it’s far from being special.

China (Ye Jin)

Video Credits: shounenkgt of YouTube

So awkward! That was my impression when I saw her victory walk. It seems that her feet weighs her down and she is dragging it! I don’t even like the bounce. One thing that I enjoyed was her presentation skills. There was drama and showmanship! I really am expecting more from her!

Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

Video Credits: alexmb72 of YouTube

If all else fails, we can always rely on the ultimate pageant powerhouse in the world – Venezuela! Gabriela knows the different catwalk to use in evening gown and swimsuit. She is sassy, fun and confident in her Traje de Bano but is elegant and towering in her Traje de Gala!

Russia (Elmira Abdrazakova)

Video Credits: EsserCarriben of YouTube

The host delegate has an aura of sweetness with her walk. Her is so naive and so pageant neophyte. Certainly, I am not impressed! Unless you have Leila Lopes‘ elegance, please don’t carry your gown like that! I hope that her experience in Miss World helped her improve on her catwalk!

Indonesia (Whulandary Herman)

Video Credits: Arif Rahman Gafar of YouTube

And they are calling it the Komodo Walk of Whulandary! I must say that her experience as a model had the biggest impact with her walk. Please be reminded that there is a difference in catwalk for models and for beauty queens. Though I love the criss cross of legs while walking, I want to see the Komodo walk during the swimsuit portion. A criss cross walk is really not effective in swimsuit! It works perfectly in an evening gown though!

My top three in this batch will be Venezuela, Dominican Republic & Indonesia!

How about you?!? Any favorite?!?


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