All for the Philippines: Megan Young and Mutya Datul in the Senate!

Megan Young and Mutya Datul brought honors to the Philippines. For a nation that is battered by natural disasters and gripped by political scandal, the twin success of Megan and Mutya brought back the Pinoy pride and sparked hope to every Filipino! It is but fitting that these queens will be honored by the Filipino people that they represented.

Yesterday, both Megan and Mutya were in the Senate to receive their much-deserved recognition! Megan was with Julia Morley – the Chairperson of the Miss World Organization – and Cory Quirino – the Philippine license holder of Miss World. Mutya, on the other hand, was accompanied by the Chairperson of BPCIMdm. Stella Araneta. The two queens were scheduled separately not because there is rivalry between the two queens but probably because each queen deserves her own moment! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which pageant or camp you are from. What is important, and I am sure that this is how Mutya and Megan feel, their fights and their victories were All for the Philippines!

Here are the photos:

Photo Credits: #MeganMW2013 FB Group

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If only Mutya wore a Filipiniana and ditched that ill-fitting office uniform “corporate” outfit, she should have looked a million times better during the recognition event.

Congratulation Megan and Mutya!

You made us all very proud…

Thank you for all your sacrifices and hard work!


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