Miss Universe 2013 (5th Update): Of Departures and Arrivals – Part 1

I can’t stop myself from giggling as I see before me the start of Miss Universe 2013. It is really true that Miss Universe is the Superbowl and Oscars of Beauty Pageants because the excitement is incomparable and I feel this level of excitement once a year. This year, I want to savor every second of the 2013 pageant and I will be glad to share them with you 🙂 What else is the best way to kick-start an action packed pageant like Miss Universe, than by covering the departure of the candidates in their respective countries and the arrivals in Moscow, Russia! The official start of the arrivals is tomorrow (October 20) and will probably last until October 24 BUT some girls already started their long flights to Russia. Here are the first few photos!

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Photo Credits: Missosology

Australia (Olivia Wells)

She is beautiful but I am not sure if she can compete head-on with the other favorites.

Thailand (Chalita Yaemwannang)

What’s with that hideous blazer? Good thing Chalita is so charming that I can forgive the outfit…

Myanmar (Moe Set Wine)

I like this lady but she needs to match that much-sought classic Oriental beauty with an amiable personality. Impress me Moe!

Mauritius (Diya Beeltah)

Shamcey Supsup dead ringer. I love her warm smile 🙂

Guyana (Katherina Roshana)

Not really my cup of tea but I am seeing a bit of Queenierich Rehman.

Curacao (Eline de Pool)

Eline needs to loose those unwanted cheek flabs. She looks promising….

This is unconfirmed but it seems that Thailand and Myanmar are already in Moscow. It seems to me that they are the first two delegate. Here is a photo after they landed in Russia:

Myanmar and Thailand – a friendly competition?

As the majority of the delegates prepare for their departure, I wish them a very safe flight to Russia! I can’t wait to see all of them in action.


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2 Responses to Miss Universe 2013 (5th Update): Of Departures and Arrivals – Part 1

  1. Mr. Tonjie Logarta says:

    Yes. Ms. Kattera….Misses Thailand and Myanmar are both in Russia. Their First Order Of Business was to Pay A Courtesy Call To Thai Ambassador in Moscow…Had Dinner and exchange some pleasantries…What I Can Not CONFIRMED YET..If the TWO Ladies already Stayed at CROWNE PLAZA Hotel or NOT….I got the INFO from other voy fora…Please USE Google Translate…since the Photos and Conversation TXT are either in Spanish or Portugese.

    • Domzee says:

      Hi Tonjie 🙂 Thanks for the information 🙂 Saw some photos of Chalita and Moe Set in Russia.I think the official start of arrival is today so they should be on their way to Crowne Plaza! Thanks!

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