Miss Earth 2013 (1st Update): Tereza Fajksova is Back!

Our Miss Earth 2012 queen – Tereza Fajksova of Czech Republic – is back in the Philippines! She spent her year touring around the world in a series of environmental advocacy activities. As the ultimate Earth Angel, Tereza believes on the integral part of education and its role in the conservation of the environment. She aims to convince the governments around the world to make environmental studies a requirement in early education. “If children learn about the environment from an early age, they are more likely to continue this behavior in their adult years,” says Tereza. I am proud with what Tereza has achieved so far and I hope that her work will continue even after her reign. I chose Tereza as the GrandSlam Queen of the Year during the Kattera Awards 2013 earlier this year. The hard work that she is showing re-assures me that I chose the right winner!

Photo Credits: Carousel Productions



Tereza Fajksova with Stephany Stefanowitz (Miss Earth Air 2012)

Tereza will be staying here in Manila as she prepares to welcome the delegates of Miss Earth 2013. Candidates will start arriving on November 17 and I can’t wait to meet all of them! I will be posting more about the 2013 pageant in the next few days!

Welcome back Tereza 😀


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