Miss Universe 2013 (6th Update): Of Departures and Arrivals – Part 2

My coverage of the departure (and ultimately, arrival in Russia) of the candidates of Miss Universe 2013 continues with the series’ second part. Earlier, you saw the departure photos of Thailand and Myanmar who seems to be two of the first candidates in Moscow, of Australia who is one of the stronger delegates and of Curacao who surprised me with a promising departure photo. Here are additional photos for you 🙂 Miss Universe is heating up as more candidates are leaving their home countries and are heading to Russia to compete in the Superbowl of pageants. Check-out who impressed me and who made didn’t!

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Photo Credits: Missosology

Poland (Paulina Krupinska)

I will not hide my admiration of Paulina… She is my ultimate favorite Miss Universe 2013 candidate this year! I adore her so much 😀 Despite the tacky hat, Paulina is giving her A-game even before she touches down in Russia! I have high hopes for this lady!

Romania (Roxana Andrei)

I love the masculine-ish vibe that Roxana is giving me – from the outfit to the way she holds her plane ticket! She is such a chic fashionista – by the way, I envy the jacket! She is beautiful but I want to see her in action before I say something conclusive.

Trinidad & Tobago (Catherine Miller)

She looks a bit mature in this picture – from the outfit even to the arch of her brows. But, I want to see more pictures – a close-up probably – before I confirm my statement! I suddenly remembered Kenisha Thom – one of my favorite queens from Trinidad & Tobago. She was elegant with a very beautiful smile. Hope to see Catherine warms up like Kenisha in the next few days!

Peru (Cindy Mejia Santa Maria)

Cindy looks really thin. Even her legs and arms looks really “tiny”. Anyways, I am not a fan of Cindy. I considered her one of the weakest in the “P” group. Unfortunately, the P group is one of the strongest group this year with more than two stand-outs. If she will not step-up her game, the other girls will eat her alive.

Paraguay (Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera)

Guada is one of stronger delegates in the “P” group. That face is simply gorgeous. I’ll forgive the tattered pants because of that heartwarming smile! I am excited to see her in action!

Netherlands (Stephanie Tency)

Photo Credits: mfotografie.nl

I am so disappointed with Stephanie. She is not just my type of queen. The big hair is not helping the strong facial features. She reminds me of Viviana Ortiz.

Malaysia (Carey Ng)

I am pleasantly surprised to see Carey 🙂 She look fabulous here! I must say that she can very well be one of the strongest in Asia!  She needs to channel the classy and sophisticated “aura” she has in the photos above. I am praying that she will not be wasted like Deborah and Kim. It is time for Malaysia!

Lithuania (Simona Burbaite)

A very warm smile from Simona! Hers is perfect to fight the very low temperature of Moscow. I love the outfit but I hate the crown. I adore the cheeckbones but I hate the forehead.

Korea (Yumi Kim)

Photo Credits: hankooki.com

I am aware that Koreans (in general) has really nice skin. I can say the same with Yumi as she looks fresh-faced even without make-up on. I also like the glamorous aura that I am seeing – something that I haven’t seen since Honey Lee. She is definitely someone to watch-out for in this competition!

Lebanon (Karen Ghrawi)

In less than a month after her arrival from Bali, Karen is in transit again to compete! Despite not placing as a semifinalist, I personally felt her presence in Miss World 2013 with stand-out photos. I hope that she learned a thing or two in Bali in order for her to land a semifinalist spot in Miss Universe 2013.

Hungary (Rebeka Karpati)

It seems that Team Europe is going BIG this year because we have another stunner in our midst – this time, it’s Rebeka! I love the sweet aura of Rebeka! Her face is just lovely and cute. Match it with an amiable personality and an impressive catwalk then I am surely in.

PS. Her brother looks really cute as well – the one in green hoodie :p

Indonesia (Whulandary Herman)

Photo Credits: Indo Pageants

Whulandary was emotional when she left Indonesia last Saturday night. I am sure that it is not easy leaving behind your loved ones and flying into somewhere full of pressure and expectations! However, I believe that Whulandary is one of the strongest in Asia – with a powerful oriental look and amazing catwalk. She should be very careful though and ensure that she is not giving-off the whole model look because it is not what Miss Universe wants in its queens.

Guatemala (Paulette Samayoa)

Paulette is in Germany, en route to Moscow! Sadly, there is nothing in this photo that made me excited. The styling is messy and the beauty is just something that you will expect from another Latina candidate! She needs to step-up. Last year’s Guatemala was a fabulous candidate! I am sure that she doesn’t wanna be called as a downgrade!

Ecuador (Constanza Baez)

Constanza reminds me of Justine Pasek. I love the smile but I hate that overrated hat. Why do they love wearing hat or head pieces when the hair is one of the things that beauty queens are known for. I still adore Carolina from last year so I will give Constanza a chance!

Some of the girls are already in Moscow 🙂 Check-out arrival photos from Indonesia and Lithuania:

See?!? Lithuania looks a million times better with the crown. And yes, it’s the forehead that is turning me off!

Whulandary really has a very high potential in scoring a placement for Indonesia!

That’s it from me for now! Basing on the photos above, I am impressed with: Poland, Paraguay, Malaysia, Korea, Hungary and Indonesia. How about you?!?


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