Miss Universe 2013 (7th Update): Of Departures and Arrivals – Part 3

I was supposed to write this post last night but my exhaustion caught me off and I dozed while the pictures were being uploaded 😦 Nevertheless, here is the third part of my departure and arrival photos of Miss Universe 2013 candidates! More delegates have left the comforts of their countries and are in Russia to take part in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. Click THIS for the first two parts of the series!

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Photo Credits: Missosology

Vietnam (Truong Thi May)

She looks exotic and it might just be a hit in Russia! With proper styling (or the total opposite of what I am seeing here), this lady might just steal the spotlight from neighboring ASEAN representatives. What turns me off, and this is very common with other Vietnamese representatives, is her smile and the mouth. Hers look so weird to me!

Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

Olga surely personifies the fierce side of Miss Universe! Pageant followers are singing their praises on Olga but I’d rather reserve mine until a much later day. I can’t argue that Ukraine has a very strong “sash” factor and Olga looks like someone who can easily impress the judges BUT there is something in her that I am not favoring. It’s probably the ghostly make-up or the messy hair that contradicts my idea of a very sophisticated and natural beauty queen. Oh, she made me miss Olesia Stefanko!

Switzerland (Dominique Rinderknecht)

Despite my dislike of Dominique’s catwalk here, she slowly warming up to me. Who in his/her right mind will not fall in love with a cool short-haired beauty queen? I will always fall for someone who looks androgynous but is oozing with so much sex appeal! I am excited to see her in Russia!

Slovak Republic (Jeanette Borhyova)

Jeanette is really not my cup of tea! Despite the very warm smile she is sporting here, I don’t feel excited. I would love to be proven wrong when she starts her Miss Universe 2013 journey!

Spain (Patricia Rodriguez)

A true Spanish belle… Patricia is establishing herself to be one of the strongest this year. Her Miss World counterpart was successful in penetrating the finalist row. I hope to see her being recognized as well. Such a beauty!

Turks & Caicos (Snwazna Adams)

I’ll most likely say pass if asked to comment of Snwazna! Not really my favorite this year. One thing that I appreciate though is that her body looks so much pageant ready compare to previous candidates from Turks & Caicos.

Singapore (Shi Lim)

What happened to her? I understand that you came from a very long-haul flight but as a beauty queen, it is already your responsibility to look good every time you are in public – or at least, like people in Hollywood, rely on a big black glasses to hide those eye bags.

Italy (Luna Voce)

I am seriously disappointed with Luna! From the outfit to the hair, it seems that she is not ready to compete in Miss Universe. I had high expectations with some candid photos before and I saw this…

Puerto Rico (Monic Perez)

Puerto Rico is back with a vengeance! After the Miss Universe snub of Bodine Koehler last year, Puerto Rico sent Monic who is as beautiful, sexy and prepared as Bodine but is more sophisticated and regal. Look at the styling, the stand and the smile. She is in every inch a queen! One of the strongest this year!

Philippines (Ara Arida)

Ara had  a great transformation 🙂 I am a big fan of how she transformed her body into a body that is ready to take the Miss Universe stage by storm. I am sure that she will excel in the swimsuit portion! I also have this feeling that she will be one of my nominees for the Best Body award for Miss Universe 2013. Despite the wonderful transformation, I really can’t force myself into liking her beauty and her very timid personality. Again, I am not a fan of her strong features and you all know how I complain about her interview performance. I pray that she will be blessed with strength because the road ahead for her is not easy. She might not be my favorite candidate but I will still be cheering for her because she carries the name of my country. Like Megan, I will be the happiest person if I will be proven wrong with how I feel about her!

Greece (Anastasia Sidiropoulou)

Not my cup of tea. What’s with Greece and they continue to disappoint me with their choices? She looks a bit mature for my choice of a Miss Universe queen. The choice of outfit is also not helping.

El Salvador (Alba Delgado)

I am loosing Alba in this pageant that is full of beauty… She badly needs to step up her game or else she will be eaten alive by the other heavy favorites. Even her pose is awkward. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Jamaica (Kerrie Baylis)

She might look a bit mature to me but I can’t deny that gorgeous face! Match that smile with a dead-on styling, a queenly stature and confidence and an amazing catwalk, she will surely be noticed this year! I like her!

Panama (Carolina Brid)

Not really a big fan of Carolina! Her and Peru are my weakest candidates for the “P” group. She is a perfect example of a Latina beauty queen (sassy and sexy) and I am too exhausted seeing that “mold” of beauty queen. I am really looking for elegance and sophistication this year.

Costa Rica (Fabiana Granados)

I have a soft spot for Fabiana because she is a former Miss Earth candidate and I love the pageant so much. I have high hopes for this lady and I will surely cheer for her. I wish that she will be a bit aggressive and she should play her cards well. She should teach Singapore how to possibly travel without make-up and not get a flack from fans about it.

Ecuador (Constanza Baez)

I already featured Ecuador in the previous part of this series but I think it would be an injustice not to post this photos! Whatta face?!? She is beautiful and will surely rank high if the pageant will be based only by the beauty of face! Unfortunately, this is not the case so Ecuador needs step up her game in Russia!

Aruba (Stefanie Guillen Evangelista)

Stefanie is beautiful. I am a fan of her beautiful skin color and her warm smile. I hope that she brought a lot of “ammunition” to Russia since the competition seems to be “real” tough this year.

South Africa (Marilyn Ramos)

I wonder what’s the strategy of Marilyn this time! After failing to advance in Miss World, Marily is back to compete on a much bigger stage! I still find her beautiful but it was not enough during Miss World.

So, from the ladies listed above, who made a very positive impact on you?!?

Mine would be Ecuador, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine!


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