Miss Universe 2013 (9th Update): Registration and Fittings – Part 1

I shared with you the start of the journey of Miss Universe 2013 candidates HERE as they depart from their own home countries. The ladies are now in Russia and the competition is definitely on! Now, the first order of the day is the registration and fittings. After settling into their own rooms at Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre, the ladies were required to register, fit for their official Miss Universe outfit, claim their sashes, go through hair & make-up and attend their very first photo shoot! Us fans will not be able to imagine the pressure and the challenge that these girls will go through the moment they set foot in Russia. The best that we can do is cheer for them and let them feel our support 😀

Here are some photos from all these activities with some side comments from me 😀

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Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

Angola (Vaumara Rebelo)

Definitely not excited…

Australia (Olivia Wells) & Finland (Lotta Hintsa)

I’m really not a big fan of Finland. Excited with Australia…

Australia & Myanmar (Moe Set Wine)

Canada (Riza Santos)

Burn that outfit Riza…

Costa Rica (Fabiana Granados)

One of my personal favorites this year!

Curacao (Eline de Pool) & Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

What the hell happened to Gabriela? She looks really weird!

Ecuador (Constanza Baez)

She is a sight to behold…

Estonia (Kristina Karjalainen)

Hmmm… She’s interesting 🙂 We’ll see in the next few days!

Gabon (Jennifer Ondo)

Not a fan!

Greece (Anastasia Sidiropoulou), Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)
Slovak Republic (Jeanette Borhyova) & Poland (Paulina Krupinska)

I am in love with Paulina but I will give this Ukraine! That arch Paulina’s brow is ruining her beautiful face…

Guatemala (Paulette Samayoa)

Despite the puffy eyes, she still looks fabulous… Potential…

Hungary (Rebeka Karpati)

What Rebeka lacks in height, she over compensates with this gorgeous face!

Indonesia (Whulandary Herman)

With make-up on, this girl can move mountains. I can’t say the same though when she is not wearing make-up!

Japan (Yukimi Matsuo)

Not happy…. Disappointed, yes!

Korea (Yumi Kim)

Not sure… Really not sure! I can’t help but compare every Korean delegate to Honey Lee, which I acknowledge as unfair!

Lebanon (Karen Ghraoui)

Nothing really interesting here…

Malaysia (Carey Ng)

Carey needs to control her mouth and work on her smile! She has a big chance of being the flag bearer for Asia this year…

Netherlands (Stephanie Tency)

I love to see more from this lady!

Nicaragua (Nastassja Bolivar)

She reminds of Jicztad Vina… And she shouldn’t be flattered!

Panama (Carolina Brid) & Turkey (Berrin Keklikler)


If this is Twitter, I will unfollow Carolina! Turkey is a hundred miles ahead…

Romania (Roxana Andrei)

I am not yet convinced…

Russia (Elmira Abdrazakova)

The hometown girl… I think that she is much suited for Miss Universe so I am expecting her success on the finale!

Spain (Patricia Rodriguez)

One of the strongest candidate this year!

Switzerland (Dominique Rinderknecht)

She is slowly becoming a personal favorite of mine…

Thailand (Chalita Yaemwannang) & Myanmar

They’re like BFFs! These ladies are two of the most visible candidate before. Thailand has an edge on beauty but Myanmar has a wonderful story to tell!

 Turks & Caicos (Snwazna Adams)

Why?!? Another really weird photo today!

USA (Erin Brady)

I prefer her look during her national pageant… She looks exhausted these days!

So what do you think dear readers?!?


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