Miss Universe 2013 (10th Update): Behind-the-Scenes of the Swim Suit Shoot

After the Registration and Fittings, the next appointment for the delegates of Miss Universe 2013 is a series of photo shoots. Here, the ability to translate physical beauty into wonderful still photos through poses and emotions is tested! There are usually four photo shoots that the girls will go through – Evening Gown, Head Shots or Beauty Shots, the anticipated Glam Shots and the Swim Suit Shots.

Now, I will be sharing with you some behind the scene photos from the swimsuit photo shoot. The candidates were clearly on a very healthy competition as they try to outshine their competitors with fierce poses. You may also want to observe on who among these girls are potential nominees for our Best Body award! Feel free to leave a comment 😀

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Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Bahamas (Lexi Wilson)

Bolivia (Alexia Viruez)

Canada (Riza Santos) & Austria (Doris Hofmann)

Bulgaria (Veneta Krasteva) & Philippines (Ara Arida)


China (Ye Jin) & Haiti (Mondiana Pierre)

Brazil (Jakelyne Oliveira)

Colombia (Lucia Aldana)

Colombia & Germany (Anne Julia Hagen)

Czech Republic (Gabriela Kratochvilova)

Croatia (Melita Fabecic) & Slovenia (Nina Durdevic)

Finland (Lotta Hintsa)

Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes)

Ecuador (Constanza Baez)

Israel (Yitayish Ayenew)

Indonesia (Whulandary Herman)

Costa Rica (Fabiana Granados)

Malaysia (Carey Ng)

Venezuela (Gabriela Isler)

USA (Erin Brady)

Ukraine (Olga Storozhenko)

Switzerland (Dominique Rinderknecht)

Puerto Rico (Monic Perez)

Mexico (Cynthia Duque)

Poland (Paulina Krupinska)

There were certainly disappointments but there were surprises as well 😀

Honestly, I still cringe whenever I see a delegate that looks so thin that her rib cage looks like it will appear anytime… Really not a good example to younger ladies!

On-topic: I am very excited to see the outcome of these photos!


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