Miss Universe 2013 Poll (October 29 Update)

I was away over the weekend and was unable to update the blog real time because I went home to vote ūüėÄ Glad that our relatives who ran won their posts! As I start catching up on the activities of Miss Universe 2013, let me give you a quick feedback on our poll!

Myanmar is owning this poll. Thanks to the warm support from her countrymen, Moe Set Wine is leading the pack with a very wide margin. Based on my experience with polls though, the competition isn’t over until the moment I close the poll.¬†Philippine‘s¬†Ara Arida comes in second with a diminishing percentage. If the fans of¬†Shi Lim, who is representing¬†Singapore, will double their efforts, they might just steal the runner-up placement from Arida. We have a new entry into the top tier with¬†Indonesia‘s¬†Whulandary Herman sharing the 5th spot with¬†Marilyn Ramos¬†of¬†South Africa.¬†Locked on the 4th place is¬†Jakelyne Oliveira of¬†Brazil. Check-out the latest update below:

Click THIS to VOTE for your favorite Miss Universe 2013 candidate!

Myanmar (Moe Set Wine) – 74.94%


Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization

Philippines (Ara Arida) – 16.34%

Singapore (Shi Lim) – 2.72%

Brazil (Jakelyne Oliveira) – 1.17%

Indonesia (Whulandary Herman) – 0.60%

South Africa (Marilyn Ramos) – 0.60%

Continue voting for your favorite candidate!


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